Back to School Shopping
The main project of the Anniston club is ‘Back to School Shopping’. Since it's start in 1983, we have purchased clothes and school supplies for nearly 3,000 children at cost of more that $250,000. We feel that giving children new clothes and supplies for for the first day of school encourages them and gets their school year started in a positive way.

Pancake Day
Pancake Day was started in 1987 and is our primary fundraiser. It supports Back to School Shopping and all other projects funded by the Kiwanis Club of Anniston. This event has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Since 2012, over $50,000 has been raised each year to benefit our projects.

Sarrell Regional Dental Center
Sarrell Dental is a non-profit that treats the dental and optical needs of Alabama children ages 1-20 with Medicaid or ALLKids insurance.   Founded in 2004 in Anniston, many organizations made the Dental Center a reality and the Kiwanis Club of Anniston is proud to be one of those.  Named for Dr. Warren Sarrell, who was an active member of the Kiwanis Club until his passing in September 2012.  Since their opening in 2004, Sarrell Dental has grown to include thirteen other offices which are located in Alexander City, Athens, Attalla, Bessemer, Boaz, Clanton, Enterprise, Heflin, Leesburg, Pinson, Selma, Talladega, and Tuscaloosa.  They also own and operate a mobile dental bus which travels to schools and daycares throughout the state.  Since 2006, Sarrell has also grown to include optical servies in five of their locations: Anniston, Bessemer, Boaz, Clanton, and Heflin.  As Kiwanians, we continue to support their growth and are proud of their accomplishments.   

K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, Circle K
The Kiwanis Club of Anniston sponsors a K-Kids Club at Tenth Street Elementary.  We are also extremely proud of our builders clubs in the middle school level. Some went on to become officers at their key clubs in high school.  We currently sponsor Builders Clubs at the following schools: Anniston Middle School and Faith Christian School. They are taught and encourage to become bright, honest leaders in the community.  The key clubs of Kiwanis are in 28 countries. The membership must be from the upper 4 grades of High School, interested in service, scholastics, and of good character. The Kiwanis Club of Anniston currently sponsors Key Clubs at the following schools: Alexandria High School, Anniston High School, Faith Christian School, Ohatchee High School, Oxford High School, Walter Wellborn High School, and White Plains High School.  Circle K is at the college level, and we are proud to sponsor this club at Jacksonville State University.

Tutoring Program
We give those children designated by the teacher, usually slow learners or ones lagging behind the class norm in reading, extra practice time. The amount of help depends on the grade but we help with recognizing words, pronunciation, all the facets of learning to be a good reader. In many cases, we are the only practice reading they get (outside the classroom) as parents or parent might not get to it for whatever reason. We only ask our tutors for 30 minutes on Thursdays or Fridays although we have 3 tutors who stay an hour. We usually have about 14-15 Kiwanis members + 5 local concerned citizens. 20 persons = 11.5 hrs per week for 40 weeks = a lot of hours per school year.

Reading is Fundamental (RIF)
We go to read to the children at Cheaha Head Start 3 times a year on a Friday.  This only takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes of your time and is very rewarding.

Young Child Priority One

Salvation Army Drive

During the Christmas season, the Kiwanis Club of Anniston rings the bell for the Salvation Army at the Oxford and Anniston Wal-Mart stores.  This is typically done the second Thursday in December.